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IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)

Advancing knowledge and cooperation for a healthy ocean and prosperous society

Second Expert Workshop of IOC/WESTPAC on Monsoon Onsets Monitoring and its Social and Ecosystem Impacts (MOMSEI)

The Second Expert Workshop of IOC/WESTPAC on Monsoon Onsets Monitoring and its Social and Ecosystem Impacts (MOMSEI) was held in Qingdao during 8-9 August 2009 with the generous host of the First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration of China. Around 20 experts attended this workshop, coming from six member states of IOC/WESTPAC suffering from Asian Monsoons, including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippine and Thailand. The main objective for this meeting was to review the draft MOMSEI Science Plan and discuss the implementation strategy in the coming years.The MOMSEI project and the draft Science Plan received wide support in terms of its scientific significance and its social and economic application.

This workshop marked a milestone for the MOMSEI development. Extensive deliberations were made on the MOMSEI’s scientific background and frontiers, long term visions, establishment of Scientific Steering Group and Project Office, proposed work plan in 2010, and the contribution of MOMSEI to the 50th Anniversary of IOC. A suite of decisions and recommendations has been made, in particular on : i. finalization and publication of the MOMSEI Science Plan; ii. organization of its first joint cruise in April 2010; iii, capacity building and outreach activities, including MOMSEI Summer School, Training through Cruise; iv. establishment of MOMSEI Scientific Steering Group with its Terms of Reference; v. operation of MOMSEI Project Office within IOC/WESTPAC Secretariat with experts lent by participating countries; vi,preparation of Status on Regional Ocean Observing System; and vii. holding the Third MOMSEI Expert Workshop in Manila, Philippines on 25-26 Nov. 2009, as one of the special sessions of the East Asian Seas Congress 2009.

The First MOMSEI expert workshop was held in Phuket, 5-6 March 2009, in which MOMSEI was developed as one pilot project of the Southeast Asian Global Ocean Observing System (SEAGOOS) which is coordinated by IOC/WESTPAC through its SEAGOOS Regional Coordinator, Dr. Somkiat Khokiattiwong.