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CSK-2 Coordination

The Sub-Commission established an International Steering Group (ISG) to provide guidance and oversight on the development and implementation of the CSK-2 programme. The Group was established based on nominations by Member States in accordance with the following Terms of Reference.

Terms of Reference

The International Steering Group on the Second Cooperative Study of Kuroshio and its Adjacent Regions (CSK-2)


The International Steering Group (ISG) will provide guidance and oversight, and make recommendations and report to the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC), on the development and implementation of the CSK-2 programme.

1. Functions

i. Review and provide inputs to the development of the CSK-2 Science Action Plan, and relevant strategic documents and guidelines;
ii. Review the development progress on CSK-2, and recommend actionable strategies for engagement and resource mobilization to support CSK-2 development and implementation;
iii. Provide coordination and facilitate collaboration among relevant countries and their institutions in the developments and implementation of CSK-2;
iv. Promote the development of new CSK project(s) and ensure their outputs/outcomes to be in line with CSK-2 objectives and relevant operational guidelines;
v. Review and recommend endorsements of new CSK-2 project(s);
vi. Promote and raise awareness of CSK-2, and engage its stakeholders into the development and implementation;
vii. Plan and organize annual ISC meetings, CSK-2 workshops and other relevant events;
viii. Support communications, and provide information to the WESTPAC Office to enable its posting to the WESTPAC Website, and reporting or dissemination to IOC and other organizations; and
ix. Submit reports, and if needed, make recommendations to the Sub-Commission and/or its advisory group.

2. Composition and terms

The ISG will consist of national representatives nominated by the WESTPAC Member States who are willing to participate in CSK-2. No more than three representatives could be nominated from each country with one preferably from national agency closely related to CSK, and 1-2 from CSK research or other relevant communities. Individual experts or other stakeholders could be invited, if deemed necessary. The WESTPAC officer and the Head of Office will serve as ex-officio members.

The Sub-Commission will seek the nomination once every two years. A member of ISG shall serve a two-year term and could be renominated for no more than three consecutive terms. The ISG will select two co-chairs, and their terms will be two years and can serve no more than two consecutive terms. In case of resignation, inactivity or other issues affecting the work of ISG, his/her replacement (substitute) could be recommended by her/his country, and the substitute shall perform the required functions for the rest of the term.

3. Meetings
The ISG will meet at least once per year to perform the functions. Specific sub-groups may be established and mandated for conducting technical tasks as decided by the ISG. These technical working groups may meet as often as required by their members.

4. Secretarial Support
The WESTPAC Office will assume the secretariat function at the regional level, acting as the primary coordination unit for the CSK-2 and the Secretariat for the ISG. Decentralized secretariat support at the project level will be encouraged. These structures shall have well-defined mandates which are developed in close consultation with the WESTPAC Office.

The CSK-2 International Steering Committee 2022-2023 is co-chaired by Kentaro Ando (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology) and Xiaopei Lin (Ocean University of China & Pilot National Laboratory for Marines Science and Technology, Qingdao)

The ISG formed two Task Forces, in early 2022, on CSK-2 Science Action Plan (SAP) and CSK-2 Data & Information Management Plan (DIMP), respectively.

The CSK-2 Task Force on SAP:

The CSK-2 Task Force on DIMP:

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