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IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC)

Advancing knowledge and cooperation for a healthy ocean and prosperous society

Enlarged WESTPAC Officers group met in Bangkok

The enlarged session of WESTPAC Officers took place in Bangkok on 20 September 2012 with participation of the Chair, Vice Chairs of the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific and invited experts.

The objectives of the meeting was to review the implementation of WESTPAC Programmes since the Ninth Intergovernmental Session (WESTPAC-IX, May 2012), the preparations for the 9th WESTPAC International Scientific Symposium in Vietnam 2014, the preparations for the 25th Anniversary of WESTPAC in 2014, the progress on the Development of the WESTPAC Ocean Research Priority Plan, and the contributions and concrete Actions of WESTPAC towards the Regular Process for Global Reporting and Assessment of the State of the Marine Environment, including socio-economic aspects.

The meeting was held successfully and had identified the actions to be taken. The meeting also highlighted the importance of the role of national focal points in collaborating with their national organizations and agencies to conduct the marine scientific activities in the Western Pacific region.

“I think we are very successful today and we know what we are going to do in the next few months to achieve our targets”, said Dr. Somkiat Khokiattiwong, Chairperson of IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC).