Save our corals: a partnership programme catalyzing knowledge and ocean science solutions to enhancing coral reef resilience

It is never too much to emphasize the vital importance of coral reef to our ocean and livelihoods.

As they support commercial and subsistence fisheries, as well as jobs and businesses through tourism and recreations, buffer shorelines from waves, storms and thus prevent loss of life, property damage.

The Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific is home to more than one third of the world’s coral reef coverage. The status of coral reef in the region is worrying. The research points out that most of coral reefs are in high risk, threatened by the escalating human activities, climate change and ocean acidification.

This incubator, serving as a think tank, aims to bring together scientists and diverse stakeholders to come up with actional ideas and directions for catalyzing knowledge and transformative ocean science solutions to enhancing coral reef resilience. This incubator will exchange ideas and perspectives of related international and national initiatives, capitalize on traditional/indigenous knowledge, identify science services needed, and foster scientific programmes that could contribute, but not limited to, the understanding and forecasting of coral bleaching, adaptive management and restoration to enhance coral reef resilience and sustain fisheries and tourism.


Chou Loke Ming

National University of Singapore

Tadashi Kimura

Japan Wildlife Research Center

Karenne Tun

National Parks Board (NParks), Singapore

Takashi Nakamura

University of the Ryukyus, Japan

Cleto Nanola

University of Philippines - Mindanao, Philippines

Nguyen Van Long

Institute of Oceanography, Vietnam

Virginie Hart

SCS SAP Project

Hendra Yusran Siry

Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia

Radda Larpnun

Koh Tao Tourism Association, Thailand

Abe Woo Sua Pin

Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies
Universiti Sains Malaysia

25 November 2021


(UTC+7, Bangkok time)

Thamasak Yeemin

Marine Science Association of Thailand

Vo Si Tuan

Institute of Oceanography, Vietnam


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