Nothing marginal about the Asian Marginal Seas: the AMS as the central point for unveiling marine environment and productivity changes in a changing climate

The Asian Marginal Seas (AMS) is a very important region for human society due to the region’s productivity, fishery resources, and a large number of population on surrounding lands.

The changing climate, together with human economic activities, has wrought significant changes in the hydrological and biogeochemical cycles, affecting the ocean structure and marine ecosystems in the Asian Marginal Seas, and ultimately impacting productivity and fisheries.

This incubator will present the latest advances on the science of the Asian Marginal Seas, reveal the significant environmental changes, demonstrate the valuable science solutions to serve society’s needs, in particular for fishery management and nutrient management, and lay a solid foundation for the development of an integrated, multi-disciplinary research programme. Stakeholders such as the fisheries industry, related policy makers, etc. are expected at this event.


Guebuem Kim

Anukul Buranapratheprat

Pavel Tishchenko

SungHyun Nam

Tomoharu Senjyu

Eko Siswanto

Xinyu Guo

Atsuko Yamaguchi

Yitong Chen

25 November 2021


(UTC+7, Bangkok time)

Jing Zhang

University of Toyama, Japan


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