Explore the strongest ocean current in the Western Pacific: the 2nd Cooperative Study of Kuroshio and Adjacent Regions – from its sciences to human wellbeings

Known as ‘black tide’ for its dark or cobalt blue waters, the Kuroshio is the strongest current in the Pacific Ocean.

It plays a key role in the regional climate and weather, serves as important spawning and nursery fishing grounds, and event influence the culture of some areas in Asia .

While the Kuroshio and adjacent regions had been studied from 1965 till 1979, many are yet unexplored, and a lot of changes are believed to take place due to a changing climate and human activities. Recent years have seen an increasing need of countries along the current to conduct the 2nd cooperative study, given its environmental, social and economic importance, and the half of century’s advance in ocean science and technology.

This incubator will present the needs and a preliminary plan for the 2nd CSK, initiate dialogues between the researchers and relevant ocean stakeholders particularly from meteorological and fishery sectors, and engage broad stakeholders into the co-design of the 2nd CSK, which will be proposed as a UN Ocean Decade Programme.


Fan Wang

Renbo Pang

Julia Yu

Nariaki Hirose

Jingzhi Su

Yongjun Tian


Sachiko Oguma

Tsuyoshi Sasaki

Kiyoshi Tanaka

26 November 2021


(UTC+7, Bangkok time)

Kentaro Ando

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

Xiaopei Lin

Ocean University of China

Cesar Villanoy

The University of the Philippines

Akira Nagano

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology


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